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CSGO vs Valorant: How do their esports scenes differ? 

First-person shooters are becoming a global icon in the gaming world. With CS:GO and Valorant being the top first-person-shooters in the world right now, their esports scene is also getting more popular as the years go on. 

While new players think that both games have very little differences, they are actually quite stark and have varying features that allow them to stand out from the rest of the games. 

Not only are the games different, but also the esports scene that they are involved in. This is why it’s important to distinguish between the two to make a great run at an esports betting site like Bitcasino to establish knowledge in learning more about these amazing games. 

How the games started  

Just like the games themselves, CS:GO and Valorant have varying beginnings. In CS:GO, its history and establishment was longer compared to Valorant. CS:GO started as Valve’s take on a more realistic take on first-person shooters with the element of fending off terrorists. 

This way, there is a dynamic between two teams participating in a certain match. This, of course, all started way back when Counter Strike Version 1.6 was still the main game of the franchise. 

With its growing popularity in the late 2000s, the need for an upgrade was necessary especially with a lot of new games released in the market. 

In 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released due to the great interest from a lot of fans. Even to this date, the game gets constant updates from Valve and remains as one of the most popular esports games in the world. 

On the other hand, Valorant was created in a totally different era. Esports was already famous by the time of its release in 2020 and it was the year where COVID-19 hit all over the world. 

Developer Riot Games kept in mind its esports elements for the game to get all the positive attention it needs during such dire situations. It was also during the time where combining genres into one game was famous like the battle royale genre mixed with a few mechanics from first-person-shooters. 

Valorant instead combined a few aspects from the famous multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends and Dota 2 with the mechanics of the conventional first-person-shooter games. 

First tournaments 

The biggest difference between CS:GO and Valorant’s esports start was the business models of each. While CS:GO relied more on its predecessors and the company brand to push sales and recognition with the game, Riot Games particularly focused on the esports scene to drive gamers to play the games. 

This means that CS:GO only tapped into esports when it blew up in popularity. For Valorant’s case, esports was the lifeline that placed it to the pedestal as one of the best esports tournaments while promoting the game at the same time. 

It’s not a knock on Valorant that CS:GO is simply the bigger game of the two. In fact, CS:GO had quite the head start to develop its fanbase and fame. 

CS:GO’s first tournament 

The first CS:GO tournament was by a third party called Copenhagen Games in 2012. It only had a €1,000 prize pool. Valve thereafter changed the approach and how the games will be played in tournaments. This allowed CS:GO to go up and beyond with their tournaments that made the game even more famous than it already is. 

With the different teams who played in the tournaments, Valve took the opportunity to add skins and other cosmetic items that added even more revenue to their name. This started with the Arms Duel update which turned into CS:GO’s turning point that made it one of the top games in the world. 

Valorant’s first tournament

Valorant is an extremely competitive game with a lot of skill needed for the players. During the first tournament called First Strike, a lot of people watched the amazing display of talent after fans watched online matches due to the pandemic. 

This was a needed push for the whole game since it began in an age where physical tournaments weren’t allowed, the tournament was definitely helpful in getting the game to the spotlight which wasn’t the case for other games of the same genre. 

With this, Valorant became immensely famous, especially in Asian countries where it got all the downloads it needed to go head-to-head with CSGO. 

CS:GO vs Valorant: Which has the better esports scene? 

The two games while having the same coat of paint are actually different mechanically, that in and of itself should be a fair vantage point of knowing one couldn’t be better than the other. 

Gameplays vary a lot, and players have different views on which games are better to play, especially in the esports scene. 

The case for CS:GO 

To put one perspective to CS:GO’s case, it has the heritage and the established fanbase who enjoyed the previous version of the game already. This is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. 

For the benefit of its own history and track record, they don’t really need to change much about the core mechanics to make the game beloved by players. This is also its own achilles heel when other games of the same genre are evolving past the traditional means of first-person shooter games. 

In fact, games like Call of Duty and Gears of War are catered to the traditional FPS mechanics, but at least there are sequels for those games and have a robust single player campaign. 

CS:GO won’t be CS:GO if they change too much about its overall gameplay, which could upset already established fans while risking getting new ones to join in after the oversaturation of the market of FPS games. 

The case for Valorant 

Valorant on the other hand is not your traditional FPS game. Instead of purely trying to get a kill and overthrowing the enemy team, Valorant has a lot of skills that you can use for a particular champion.

Just like a traditional MOBA, Valorant also has a lot of characters with unique abilities alongside the first-person view that puts players in an arena to battle it out. When betting on the different esports games in both games, you need to know how they differ from each other to have a chance at winning in esports betting sites like Bitcasino. Now that you know how CSGO and Valorant started, it’s now time to gain confidence in betting on the best esports games in the world.

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