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The 8 best Dota 2 players in TI10 

A brand new season of the Dota 2 esports is about to begin but before one looks into the future, it is nice to look back at some of the best players in the 10th running of The International. Although they play as a team, some players’ names are bound to stand out among their peers, including their own teammates. Here are some of the most talented competitors that gave the crowd thrilling matches that can be expected in future events. 

Magomed ‘CoLLapse’ Khalilov (Team Spirit)

CoLLapase is the 19-year-old offlane player for the TI10’s champion team, Team Spirit. His career began with Cascade in January 2020 until September 2020 then jumped to Yellow Submarine until December of the same year. He officially left Yellow Submarine and joined Team Spirit on 19 December 2020 where he won his first-ever participation in The International. 

CoLLapse’s role is primarily in the offlane with his signature heroes being Magnus, Mars, Timbersaw, and Tidehunter. All four of them are durable fighters with high offensive capabilities, giving him an edge while outnumbered or relishing the glory in the frontlines in a team fight. Team Spirit was an underdog when they started so, despite being 2021’s champions, CoLLapse is still not a safe bet in the new season. If you are betting on Dota 2 events on sites like Bitcasino, then it’s best to keep updated with blogs and odds.

Hu ‘Kaka’ Liangzhi (Invictus Gaming)

Invictus Gaming is among the favourites of the competition and their 29-year-old captain, Kaka, is considered their best asset. His contract with the team ended on 21 November 2021 but his status is still active. It is unsure whether he’ll strive for TI11 and with which team. His signature heroes include Rubick, Lion, and Io, providing his teammates with a lot of utility and offensive power. 

Kaka primarily takes the support role while also acting as captain of the team. His strong leadership is evidence of his long experience in the Dota 2 esports scene. He debuted in 2014 with HyperGloryTeam and has jumped between teams until eventually joining Invictus Gaming in 2019. 

Michał ‘Nisha’ Jankowski (Team Secret)

The mid lane is among the most vital positions in Dota 2 and Nisha is among the most prominent players that dominated it in the TI10. His signature heroes are high-difficulty heroes like Morphling, Arc Warden, and Terrorblade. All of them have a high reliance on early farming and late-game scaling which often put him in a predicament that most players can’t get out of.

Everyone that has to face him is forced to play defensively because he is nearly unbeatable. He and his teammates were powerhouses during the group stage and the early parts of the main stage, making them the favourites of the event. 

Nisha is well-known for his high kill record every year where his fame began upon joining Team Secret in 2018. They also had a clean record in 2020 with two championships won, the OMEGA League: European Immortal Division and the DreamLeague Season 13. 

Cheng ‘NothingToSay’ Jin Xiang (PSG.LGD )

PSG.LGD was a powerhouse in the last few runs of the International as they mostly have scored high ranks in their attempts since 2014. However, TI10 was a lot more exciting for the team with NothingToSay playing in the middle lane. He has an amazing track record with a consistent 1st-4th placement between 2020 and 2021. 

NothingToSay is a great 1v1 skirmisher but he is more focused on making a more cohesive team composition. His top heroes include heroes with great team fight potential like Kunkka, Tinker, and Ember Spirit. He is 21 years old but he is already a respected master in team clash strategies. 

Illya ‘Yatoro’ Mulyarchuk (Team Spirit)

Yatoro is Team Spirit’s youngest member and one of the youngest pro players to ever qualify for the International at 18 years old. His pro-esport journey only officially began in 2019, making yet he is a force to be reckoned with in the middle lane. Morphling, Geomancer, and Faceless Void are his signature heroes. All of which are complex heroes with large versatility, putting his talents for strategy micromanagement into perspective.

Although Yatoro has the latest start among those that qualified in TI10, he is already a fan-favourite. Dota 2 esports fans always commend his masterful and creative ways to bait his opponents into committing a mistake. 

Danil ‘gpk’ Skutin (Virtus.pro)

Virtus.pro had a rough performance at TI10 but they still put up a great fight. Gpk is even considered a great contender for being the best in the mid lane during the group stage. His signature heroes all have high-risk and high-reward mechanics like Ember Spirit, Templar Assassin, and Invoker. 

Gpk debuted in 2018 and is a consistent participant for the ESL One series but for different esports teams every year. The 20-year-old midlaner joined Virtus.pro in November 2020 and is set to continue with them in the 2022 Pro Circuit. 

Jin ‘flyfly’ Zhiyi (Invictus Gaming)

Having a player with flexible role preference is common in Dota 2 esports but none can do it as gracefully as Invictus Gaming’s Flyfly. His primary role is in the middle lane but he occasionally switches to the sidelines if needed. Flyfly is well-known as a skillfully creative skirmisher which is best seen when he’s piloting Anti-Mage and Juggernaut.

The 25-year-old player debuted in his first official esports event in 2014 but he remained obscure from the spotlight until he played with Team Serenity in The International 2018. However, he only found success as a pro player when he was loaned to Invictus Gaming in 2019. He then joined the team as a permanent member in the same year until the present. 

Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov (Team Secret)

Puppey from Team Secret can be considered as one of the most experienced players in the history of Dota 2 esports. He started his professional gaming career all the way back in 2007 with Team Xero Skill (XsK), participating in minor league tournaments for Defense of the Ancients (DotA). He was with Team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) when they won 1st place and 2nd place for TI1 and TI3 respectively.Today, Puppey is a highly-respected veteran playing in the support role and as captain of Team Secret. He is dubbed as the greatest support player of all time in Dota 2 history with his signature heroes being Chen, Enchantress, and Bane. He is the only active player who has qualified for all runs of the International thus far and it’s highly possible that he will take Team Secret for another attempt for the trophy in 2022. Thanks to his consistently high-ranked performance, he is a safe bet with good odds at Bitcasino or similar sites.

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