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The top 10 League of Legends players to watch in 2022

League of Legends has some of the most intense esports scenes in the world. Mastery of its mechanics and the ability to adapt to popular trends among players is the secret that only the most exceptional players can show. This helps League of Legends pro players stand out in the professional esports scene. 

The following names are considered some of the most respected in 2021’s World Championship series. Many of them have declared their intention to return to the next circuit so they are also now the most anticipated esports contenders in 2022. 

Heo ‘ShowMaker’ Su

ShowMaker is the 21-year-old mid player for DWG KIA (formerly DAMWON) since his debut in 2017. One of his former handles was ‘MIDKING’ which is accurate given his reputation as being one of the best in that position since winning the 2020 World Championship (Worlds) season. His signature champions include Kassadin, Leblanc, Katarina, and Syndra so keep your eyes peeled for his performance if you are betting at esports bookies like Bitcasino. 

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-Hyeok 

Faker has dominated the mainstream media as the most popular pro player not just for League of Legends but in the entire esports industry. The 25-year-old mid laner has been a part of T1’s (formerly SK Telecom T1) since he debuted in 2013 and is already among the top contenders for the mid lane. He is also closely monitored by pro gaming enthusiasts and hopefuls to learn his mastery of map control and minimal dodging techniques. He can play every champion in League of Legends for competitive events but he is most notable for piloting Ryze, Azir, and Zed.

Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson

25-year-old Rekkles hasn’t had enough luck in Worlds but he is among the top bottom lane players in the League of Legends European Championship. He debuted in 2012 with Playing Ducks and jumped around different teams until he became a prominent member of Fnatic until 2020. He played for G2 Esports in the 2021 season and is set to play for Karmine Corp in 2022. His favourite champions are powerful late game marksmen like Tristana, Vayne, and Jinx but can be seen piloting Sivir or Jhin depending on the composition.

Kim ‘Doinb‘ Tae-Sang 

25-year-old Doinb has also jumped between teams throughout his career since his debut in 2015. LNG Esports is set to start the 2022 season on a strong note after signing him in as the team’s mid laner in December 2021. He is mostly noted for being a talented solo queue player so he fits in most team compositions quickly. This is also why he developed mastery for widely different types of champions from high-utility mages like Ryze and Karma to independent fighters like Kled. 

Rasmus ‘caPs’ Winther

Champions designed for the mid lane can range from simple but reliable to high-skilled and powerful. G2 Esports’ 22-year-old mid laner, caPs, is particularly fond of the latter. His favourites include Zoe, Yasuo, and Ryze which are some of the most challenging champions to master in his arsenal. He values skillful executions and precise timing, making him a formidable skirmisher and team clash setter. He debuted in 2015 with Enigma and jumped between different teams until he became a permanent player for G2 Esports in 2018 until 2023. 

Park ‘Viper’ Do-Hyeon

Viper is a strong bottom-lane player who unfortunately suffered from having a bad track record. He had a subpar performance throughout his career since his debut in 2017 but finally caught a big break when he was head-hunted by EDward Gaming in 2020. The 21-year-old’s true talent blossomed as one of the best bottom lane players in League of Legends and it was cemented by his team’s victory in Worlds 2021. His favourite champions often include marsmen with skillful maneuvers like Kai’Sa, Samira, Xayah, and Tristana. 

Kim ‘Canyon’ Geon-bu

Canyon is the 20-year-old jungler for DWG KIA but he took over as the mid laner in June 2021 while ShowMaker took the bottom lane. He only debuted in 2018 but has already secured his spot in his team as one of the best junglers in the world. Canyon proudly claims to be the best player for Nidalee in the world which is an accurate statement given his mastery of the jungle and assessment of fight or flight situations. 

Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon

Most popular mid-lane players are known for piloting high-mobility champions but Chovy embraces the slow-moving battlemages like Galio and Cassiopeia. He occasionally plays Zoe as one of his favourites but only under certain matchups. This makes Chovy a valuable asset in most team fights and a great factor in determining the pacing of the mid game. He is not a permanent member of any team with his latest contract with Gen.G only lasting for one season. This can change depending on their performance in the next LCK series and regional events. 

Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris

It’s rare for a top lane player to be recognized given that the position is often considered a supplementary member to the rest of the team. That’s what makes Alphari’s fame all the more noteworthy. He is 22 years old and he debuted with Enigma Sports in 2015. Alphari changed teams almost every season with Team Vitality being his group for 2022. He is famous for piloting baron lane champions with high lane pressure like Camille, Gnar, Jarvan IV, and Jayce. 

Zhuo ‘knight’ Ding

Knight started his pro gaming career in 2017 with Young Miracles, then jumped between teams until he became a prominent member of Top Esports in 2019. It was then that he started becoming a popular mid-laner known for piloting champions with high mobility like Akali, Qiyana, Ryze, and Irelia. He is famous for his capability to carry the game in a 1v9 setup during his solo queue. He can be a reliable contender for any matchup, giving him high odds in any regional tournaments in Bitcasino.

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