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Top Canadian esports orgs to look out for in 2022

The esports industry has grown to a sizable size that became one of the most profitable industries in the world. With the rise of games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends, the esports just skyrocketed in fame for each game’s pro players as well.

These players are eventually gathered together under an organisation to compete against other teams in particular games. Parts of the world have accepted esports as a serious industry for many years now, but none like Canada.

The Canadian esports scene is one of the most prolific events in the industry, and there are numerous fans who cheer every year for annual tournaments. With sites like Bitcasino, betting has also become very popular in the esports industry that contributes to its success.

Here are the top Canadian esports organisations to watch out for in 2022 to raise your enjoyment through the roof! 

Foundation of Canadian esports 

Before esports became one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry,, Wim Stocks was the top digital entertainment business through his management as the executive vice-president of the Atari video game company in the late 90s to the early 2000s. 

He later launched his very own video game firm called Elephant Entertainment which was then bought out by THQ. In 2010, World Gaming (formerly known as Virgin Gaming) recruited Wim to become their executive manager for the management division. Six years later, he became the CEO. Both companies were acquired by Cineplex in 2015 before they got bought out again by PlayFly sports in 2020. 

This paved the way for the beginning of esports. Wim stated when asked about the shift to modern esports that ’It was very nomadic. There weren’t leagues that had franchises in cities’. He added an example of the United States esports organisation, Immortals Team, which was founded in 2015 that there were no leagues to go to. 

‘There’d be a tournament in Germany, they’d pick up and fly there. Three weeks later, they’d announce a tournament in Poland, and they’d pick up and fly there. There was no league structure’, he added.

Now, esports can be enjoyed nationwide in Canada for annual events because of the glorious internet. As esports become more famous among the youth population, it will continue to grow into an even more profitable machine for the market. 

Vancouver and Toronto 

Major organisations in Vancouver and Toronto have high profiles in the global esports environment. Teams like OverActive Media and Luminosity Gaming are based in Toronto and are recognised for teams competing in Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. and Call of Duty (CoD). 

‘The pro scene in the Canadian esports scene is very active between Vancouver and Toronto. They’re leading the way to big esports team franchises that now have multiple teams under their umbrellas’, said Wim. 

Right now, Vancouver is the only region in Canada that has a specific esports strategic position within the industry. It appears that Vancouver is still the centre of Canadian esports, and Toronto is the pillar for most teams to participate in these tournaments. 

Other noteworthy Canadian esports organisations 

There are a lot of Canadian esports teams to mention, but these are among the best in the industry who have participated in multiple tournaments:

Toronto Defiant 

From OverActive, Team Defiant is a subsidiary and specialises in the game OverWatch. This OverWatch esports team is a must-watch for any fans of the game. They are one of the 8 expansion teams in the game’s league from 2019. 

The name ‘Toronto Defiant’ was selected to signify strength against all odds and adversaries. As defiants of the obstacles in front of them, Toronto Defiant is among the best teams to ever grace the Canadian esports scene. 

Vancouver Titans

As one of the other expansion teams of the 8 in 2019, they immediately hit stride since the organisation was founded. This Canadian Overwatch team is one of the finalists of the top esports teams every year and are constantly vying for the title. 

They currently hold the world record for the longest season win streak in the history of the league. They achieved a total of 19 wins in a row during the 2019 season. 

Enthusiast Gaming 

This digital media firm specialises in esports and video game journalism. They talk about the latest esports trends and events, as well as the newest games in the industry. Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. is one of the largest platforms for video games.

Fans all over the world check up on their site and blogs for some information that will be helpful for a lot of esports games and tournaments. Enthusiast Gaming recently opened a public listing on the Nasdaq exchange for stock trading. 

Luminosity Gaming 

A subsidiary organisation of Enthusiast Gaming, Luminosity is one of the largest gaming organisations in the world. Games and esports tournaments from popular games like Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Call of Duty, and Apex Legends have Luminosity’s fingerprints all over the mediums. 

The team was founded by Steve ‘Buyaka’ Maida in 2015. The organisation’s headquarters is now in Toronto Ontario and are striving more than ever as the esports scene gets immensely more popular. 

BEAT esports 

BEAT esports is one of the leading organisations in the Canadian esports scene that is widely recognised as placeholders for games like Dota 2, Overwatch, Quake, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 

This organisation also competes against global esports teams which adds to its value and popularity. BEAT esports began with only $100 and a few viewers for their very first tournament held live during the first large scale Dota 2 esports tournament. 

Now, BEAT esports is one of the most prominent members in not only the Canadian esports scene, but also in the entire industry. They run their own events and even provide consulting services to other organisations in Toronto, Ontario Canada. When it comes to the Canadian esports industry, there are a lot of teams and organisations that achieved worldwide recognition and success. This became a playground for bettors in Bitcasino to utilise the contributions of Canadian esports organisations to the success of esports as a while— adding more exciting experiences for a lot of punters in the industry.

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