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8 tips on becoming a professional esports player 

Throughout the years, there are many people who are fascinated about playing games. With this activity, players can be entertained as they get their minds off of their daily problems. These games also help expound the imagination of players while improving their hand-eye coordination skills. 

Many people play games for fun but there are those that choose to play competitively. In the esports industry, avid gamers are considered professionals. Members of esteemed esports organizations make a hefty living out of joining prestigious tournaments but there’s more to it than just ‘playing to earn’.

The esports scene hosts massive tournaments where the best of the best players and teams compete for prizes. With its popularity, many fans even bet for tournament results on Bitcasino. There is no doubt that the lucrative industry piqued the interest of esports fans and got them joining the bandwagon if they saw themselves fit for the job. Here are some helpful tips on how to become one. 

Pick a game 

To get started, players must first pick a game that they would like to focus on. With many games to choose from, they can wish to narrow down their options by considering the different game genres that are offered in Bitcasino. In the esports industry, players must be familiar with multiplayer games since these games allow players to work in teams and compete with other promising players. 

Some of the most popular games that aspiring players choose are Defence of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), League of Legends (LoL), and Overwatch. 

Find a team 

After choosing a game, players must find other players whom they are comfortable playing with. They may either choose their friends, their relatives, or some new friends they have just met. Players may assemble a team with players who complement each other’s gaming style. They may also want to try out for professional organizations that are featured in Bitcasino if they wish to. 

By having a team, players can be comfortable whenever they play. This also allows them to work towards a common goal they may have set for themselves. Working with a team also introduces players to different skill sets that can be useful to them in their chosen games. 

Watch streams 

One activity that will help improve a player’s skills is streaming games online. By watching how other teams and players play their games, aspiring players can pick up some strategies and apply them to their gameplay. Seeing how renowned streamers play their games can also give players an idea about how the game can be made easier.

If players get comfortable with their game style, they may also want to start streaming their games until they get noticed. 


The key to being a better player is to keep on practising. By playing a certain game, again and again, players achieve muscle memory. This boosts their confidence and also allows them to be more experimental with their style. 

Practising is important since it helps a player improve their skills. With more confidence and knowledge about how a game is played, they can be an asset to whichever team they would want to play for. Doing this also ensures that players can always give their best whenever they compete with other players, especially against professional players. 

Identify strengths and weaknesses

When practising, players should always pay close attention to the progress they have been making. This includes determining their strengths and weaknesses in the game. By playing the game repetitively, players will notice that there are skills that they can improve and there are those that they can do effortlessly. 

Knowing which skills are important and where they specialize is important as it helps determine their role in the game. It will also bring advantages to their teams if they enhance their strengths so they can play better. 

Use the right gear 

A mastery of the game is not enough to be a professional esports player since there is a cost that comes with this career path. People who decide to pursue this should ensure that they have the best components for their gaming career. Some of the most important gear that players should have are a computer with a good processor, a gaming mouse, and a mechanical keyboard. 

These components don’t just look good as they also contribute a lot to the overall gaming experience. This is the reason why players should always be keen on the specifications of the computer parts they wish to get. 

Join tournaments 

Becoming a professional esports player is a long process. By starting on an amateur level of playing with friends or with colleagues, players must exert their best efforts for them to qualify in tournaments.

Players can start joining small tournaments and make progress from there. When they’re strong enough, they can try their best to move up their chosen game’s leaderboard and be among those who will be qualified for major international tournaments. 

Some of the biggest tournaments in the esports industry that are featured in Bitcasino are the likes of Dota 2’s The International, League of Legends World Championship, and Fortnite World Cup. 

Stay focused

If players already qualify for major tournaments and someday become professional esports players, they should always keep in mind that they should stay true to their objectives. Having a professional esports career can be overwhelming, that’s why players should have to exert their best efforts to remain on their chosen path. 

They can stay focused and dedicated to playing professionally by continuously practising and honing their skills. They can do this even while remaining respectful towards other players who share the same goal. For best results, players should always be a sport when it comes to playing tournaments no matter how intense the matches get. 

These are just some helpful tips that aspiring players can apply so they can one day be professional esports players like those that they see on betting sites like Bitcasino. By applying these tips, players can have a chance to prove themselves and be one of the most renowned players in their chosen games! 

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