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Esports is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. With plenty of betting options and odds and leagues to choose from, punters have expanded to wagering on esports tournaments! Moreover, the thrill of esports lies in its variety. Fans can wager on upcoming events, as well as tournaments that are already taking place. 

What makes esports even more popular among bettors is the wide range of bonuses they can claim. So what exactly are esports bonuses and how do they increase a player’s chances of taking home big rewards? If you’re curious to know more, learn all about it here at Bitcasino

What is an esports bonus?

Esports bonuses are perks given to players by their online casinos or sportsbooks. In a nutshell, these extra incentives are given to bettors to encourage them to place bets in the sportsbook. Think of them as rewards that keep players motivated to play more and have a good time. 

A casino site that knows how to keep its players happy makes sure that they provide competitive bonuses that give their players something to look forward to. 

The bonuses depend on the site. Some casinos offer a limited number of bonuses, while others offer a wide variety of perks that can be claimed by the player throughout their betting. All of these bonuses come with different mechanics and rewards, so you should know how they work before claiming them. 

Different esports bonuses you can claim 

What makes esports thrilling for bettors is that a lot of casino sites and sportsbooks offer a wide range of bonuses. Make the most of your esports betting when you learn about them here: 

Esports Free Bets 

An esports free bet is a casino incentive given by online casino sites to players who participate in esports tournament promotions. The bonuses given can vary from a welcome offer or a cash bonus that is rewarded by the casino every week. Usually, this type of bonus is designed for esports tournaments and grants punters opportunities to take home big rewards when they place their bets and catch exciting teams such as Evil Geniuses and Sad Boys in action.

Esports reload bonus 

A reload is a type of casino perk where players have the opportunity to choose between taking their money back after the first deposit or receiving it in parts every week or month. Usually, the most common esports games where you can find reload bonuses are LoL, DOTA 2, CS: GO and FIFA. 

To claim the reload bonus, a player must first input the corresponding bonus code on the website. Additionally, it must be consumed before its expiration date. The reload bonus is only applicable for punters who have been long-time players of the online casino. 

Esports Acca Bonus 

The Esports Acca bonus is a type of casino incentive that has several selections depending on the bets ‘accumulated’ by the player. The cashback received for this type of bonus depends on the accumulated wagers or ‘accas’ gathered by the player. So for example, if a player has a four-fold Acca, the cashback they can receive varies between 10% to 100%. However, the percentage value may change depending on the sportsbook. 

Objective-based bonus 

An objective-based bonus a player can claim is based on the series of challenges they accomplish. The requirements must be fulfilled first before the player can obtain their reward. Usually, the objective-based bonus is perfect for experienced punters who have been wagering in esports for a long time. 

Matched deposit bet 

A matched deposit bet deals when the casino site you’re using matches the amount of your initial wager. This type of bonus can potentially increase the funds you can receive throughout your betting.

For Matched deposit bet, some online casinos only let their players withdraw their winnings from the amount of increased betting wager and not the original value of the bonus itself.

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Types of bonuses you can find at Bitcasino 

Bitcasino offers a wide range of bonuses to keep our players happy. From promotions to tournaments, punters can find something to make their betting more enjoyable once they sign up on the site. Here are some of the bonuses we have for you at Bitcasino:

Free Spins
Free Spins are bonuses specific to slot games. If you’re a slots fan, you can claim this incentive once you sign up on our site. Once Bitcasino notifies you regarding your Free Spins eligibility, you can now claim it when you take part in our promotions and ongoing tournaments.
Free Chips
For table game fans, Bitcasino offers a Free Chips bonus. Usually, you can receive Free Chips when you participate in tournaments at the site. To check your eligibility for the Free Chips, you can check the notification you will receive.
Cash rewards
A cash reward is an incentive that is added to your casino balance when you participate in promotions and tournaments. To check if you’re eligible for this casino perk, you have to log in to Bitcasino and click your username located in the upper right corner of the site. Once done, you can go to the rewards section and see if you have a cash reward from the site.
Loyalty club
If you’ve been a long-time player at Bitcasino, we offer a loyalty club incentive that will make your experience with us even more exciting. With this perk, you will receive loyalty points for playing specific games regularly. Regardless of the game, your flow of points is continuous as long as you’re playing consistently.
Casino boosts
A casino boost is a bonus offered at Bitcasino that can increase your chances of winning. Once this bonus is active, you will receive an update regarding its percentage, time of expiration and the list of the games where you can use it. The number of winning points you receive in the game will determine what kind of boost reward you will receive.

Other casino bonuses you can find 

Welcome bonus
A welcome bonus is designed for players who are first-time users of the site. For a punter to receive this bonus, they must first sign in and create an account verified by the site. The welcome bonus can be claimed when a player deposits a certain amount of funds and matches it with the bonus credit that can be utilised for placing bets.

The requirement for this type of bonus depends on the terms and conditions of the site. Additionally, a welcome bonus has different variants, depending on the online casino you’re using and matched deposit bonus is one of them.

A match deposit bonus means the online casino will match your first deposit to an amount ranging from 25% to 200%. Usually, this type of bonus gives you funds you can use for wagering. However, you need to use this bonus before you can withdraw the wins you accumulated.

One thing you should note about a match deposit bonus is that it has a limit on the number of funds you can receive, so it’s best if you don’t shell out a lot of money for this perk. Most of the time, online casinos put a limit on the amount of money they reward as a welcome bonus and no matter how big your first deposit, you will only receive up to the set maximum amount.

Losing bet refund
Losing bet refund is a type of bonus that has a similar function as the cashback bonus. Usually, this type of refund happens when you lose in betting and the casino returns the amount of money you wagered. It can be returned in cash form or extra cash bets that you can use in different sports or games in the same casino.
Deposit bonus
One of the most common casino perks is the deposit bonus. Usually, this type of bonus gives punters at least 100% of their initial deposit back as free bets or bet credits. Deposit bonuses usually require a qualifying amount that will enable you to claim it. The amount varies depending on the casino site you’re using.

Similar to other bonuses, you must first sign up in an online casino before you can claim a deposit bonus. They can either give you betting credits or Free Bets that have the same value as your initial deposit.

No Deposit Bonus
The No Deposit Bonus is the counterpart of the deposit bonus. This type of perk allows players to receive incentives from the casino even without signing up. Usually, it comes as a promotional offer so players won’t have to fulfil any deposit amount requirements.

However, only registered casino players are the ones allowed to claim this bonus. No deposit bonuses usually have wagering requirements, meaning you have to at least wager several times before you can withdraw your winnings.

Different payment methods you can use to claim your bonus 

Depending on the online casino, there are several ways you can claim your bonuses. Here at Bitcasino, we offer a variety of options to accommodate all types of players. Here are some of the methods you can use:

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As the gaming industry shifts to a more advanced setting, so do the ways players pay for their gaming. One of the latest kinds of payment methods is cryptocurrency. Their cheap, efficient and transparent nature makes it easier for players and online casinos to make transactions. 

Other than the convenience they provide, cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature eliminates the need for middlemen, making it easier for players to send payments to sportsbooks. Some banks discriminate between betting transactions, making it difficult for players to deposit or withdraw their funds. 

One of the best crypto-friendly online casino sites is Bitcasino which accepts payments in digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ether (ETH) and Tron (TRX). 

Money transfer 

Money transfer is the traditional way of settling casino transactions. In this type of payment method, players can use their bank account and transfer money to their casino account. The only drawback is that money transfer usually takes at least 3 to 4 days before it gets processed. 

Credit and debit cards 

Credit and debit cards are another type of payment method you can use to claim your casino bonus. In this type of payment method, you can use your debit or credit card to process your deposits. However, it’s not very handy when it comes to withdrawing your funds. 

Moreover, if the bank you’re using discriminates against casino-related transactions, they can increase the red-tape and eventually the fees you’re paying.

Prepaid cards 

Prepaid cards are one of the most trustworthy methods you can use for your casino transactions. This method is especially useful for players who want to deposit their winnings. The only catch with prepaid cards is that they’re not as recognized as the other payment methods by online casinos. 

However, players who use prepaid cards can receive incentives in some casinos. The most common prepaid card you can use is PaySafe. 


Usually, e-wallets are connected to your bank account and can easily access your funds. Furthermore, they also have cheaper fees compared to other payment methods. 

Similar to prepaid cards, there are online casinos that offer perks for players who use a certain e-wallet brand. The most common ones you will find are Skrill and PayPal.

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Tips on how to maximize your esports bonuses 

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the site

One of the things you should do before claiming a bonus is read the terms and conditions of an online casino. Usually, this section contains all the important information you should know before you can enjoy the bonuses from the site.

Always remember that these perks come with wagering requirements you need to fulfil first before you become eligible for them. Additionally, you can also get details on the percentage, payment method and other information you need to know on the terms and conditions page. 

Track your casino progress 

There are online casinos that like to give incentives to players, especially for those who have been using the site for a long time. If you’ve been playing in your sportsbook for some time, check your status because long-time players are usually given the eligibility to become a VIP or claim a certain bonus that increases your chances of taking home big rewards. 

Always sign up before you wager 

One of the things you should do before wagering in an online casino is signing up. Usually, sites give cool perks such as welcome, match deposit and no-deposit bonuses to players after they sign up. 

Look for a good casino site you can use for betting 

There are a lot of online casinos in the market, but not all of them can give you the betting experience you need. When using an online casino, look for a licensed site that offers a competitive collection of games and of course, bonuses you can claim. 

Do your research on bonuses 

The thing about bonuses is that they’re difficult to differentiate especially if you’re new to the betting scene. Before claiming a bonus, do your research and learn the difference between the bonuses available in your online casino so you won’t be confused when you need to claim them. 

Check if the site you’re using has a diverse game collection 

If the online casino you’re using offers a wide range of esports games, then there’s also the likelihood that it has plenty of bonuses to offer to players. When you’re looking for an online casino, make sure they offer a diverse selection of games and tournaments you can participate in. This increases your chances of landing a rewarding perk that can potentially boost your chances of taking home huge payouts.

What makes a good esports bonus?

Easy wagering requirements 

A good bonus doesn’t have to be complicated when you’re claiming it. It should be within reasonable requirements that won’t drive players away. When you’re claiming a bonus, make sure it doesn’t ask for unreasonable requests or fees that will put you on the disadvantaged side. 

A reasonable time limit 

Bonuses often have expiration dates that can vary depending on the site you’re using. In some online sportsbooks, you can find incentives you can use for 7 up to 30 days or even up to a whole year. Look for online casino sites that give you a reasonable time frame to claim your bonuses so you can make the most out of them. 

Check the payment method 

A good casino bonus can be claimed through different payment methods. When you’re looking for a casino site, make sure they present you with a lot of ways to deposit or withdraw your funds so you have several options that can accommodate your needs.

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