CSGO vs Valorant: How do their esports scenes differ?  First-person shooters are becoming a global icon in the gaming world. With CS:GO and Valorant being the top first-person-shooters in the world right now, their esports scene is also getting more popular as the years go on.  While new players think that both games have very little differences, they are actually quite stark and have varying features that allow them to stand out from the rest of the games.  Not only are the games different, but also the esports scene that they are involved in. This is why it’s important to distinguish between the two toRead More →

6 Popular esports leagues and tournaments Esports is a successful global sector that allows pro gamers to compete against each other in the hopes of becoming the champion. Thanks to the technology that we have today, esports became a part of the success of betting sites.  To accommodate fans and players from various countries, esports feature various competitive games. Esports events also take place in major countries to house thousands of people who want to see their top players play right in front of them. Aside from buying merchandise, fans can also support their favourite teams by placing bets on renowned betting sites such asRead More →

Your basic guide to Valorant It wasn’t long until the news of Riot Games’ entry into the competitive first-person shooter (FPS) scene spread like wildfire across the gaming community. Due to the game’s exclusivity and Riot’s innovative use of streams in promotion, Valorant could make a name for itself. The game’s mechanics, in-game economy, and balance between solo play and teamwork are highly praised by fans and gamers alike.  Due to its massive fanbase and sponsors, Valorant has one of the most significant events in the esports industry. Many acclaimed betting sites such as Bitcasino offer their services to allow fans to support their favouriteRead More →

Fortnite esports scene in 2022 In Fortnite’s open-world setting, battles are waged against characters controlled by the game or by other players. On the battlefield, players can either collaborate or fight to survive. What makes the game so popular? Fortnite is free to play and is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and other gaming devices.  The gameplay is straightforward yet engaging. Extended gaming sessions are no problem for multiplayer games, which can continue up to 30 minutes with simple re-entry.  Looking back at the history of Fortnite A free-to-play game feature named ‘Battle Royale’ was included with the debut of Fortnite in 2017.Read More →

What does crypto’s presence look like in the Dota 2 scene? Dota 2 is one of the world’s biggest games and it also has an awesome esports scene that can boost the game’s relationship with the crypto industry. When you look at Dota and its main developer, Valve, you can see that they love to innovate.  Valve is the company responsible for Steam which is the biggest PC gaming platform in the world. They also created Half-Life which was a game-changer for the gaming world because it proved a narrative can be told through a first-person shooter lens. That game also spawned Counter-Strike which hasRead More →

Top Canadian esports orgs to look out for in 2022 The esports industry has grown to a sizable size that became one of the most profitable industries in the world. With the rise of games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends, the esports just skyrocketed in fame for each game’s pro players as well. These players are eventually gathered together under an organisation to compete against other teams in particular games. Parts of the world have accepted esports as a serious industry for many years now, but none like Canada. The Canadian esports scene is one of the most prolificRead More →


The 8 best Dota 2 players in TI10  A brand new season of the Dota 2 esports is about to begin but before one looks into the future, it is nice to look back at some of the best players in the 10th running of The International. Although they play as a team, some players’ names are bound to stand out among their peers, including their own teammates. Here are some of the most talented competitors that gave the crowd thrilling matches that can be expected in future events.  Magomed ‘CoLLapse’ Khalilov (Team Spirit) CoLLapase is the 19-year-old offlane player for the TI10’s champion team,Read More →


The top 10 League of Legends players to watch in 2022 League of Legends has some of the most intense esports scenes in the world. Mastery of its mechanics and the ability to adapt to popular trends among players is the secret that only the most exceptional players can show. This helps League of Legends pro players stand out in the professional esports scene.  The following names are considered some of the most respected in 2021’s World Championship series. Many of them have declared their intention to return to the next circuit so they are also now the most anticipated esports contenders in 2022.  HeoRead More →


Top 10 most successful esports teams from Asia in 2021 Esports is a spectacle where two teams compete against each other in a specific video game. Over the past decade, esports has seen significant growth when it comes to popularity and viewership. Numerous games, especially online ones, have held regional and international tournaments to honour the best of the best. Of course, with international success comes huge payouts for teams and players. Generally speaking, the most successful esports organisations are the ones who earn the most money. When it comes to video games, what comes first to the minds of most people is how dominantRead More →


Wrapping up 2021: Top 8 esports highlights to look back on Online gaming is a global phenomenon now known as the new era of entertainment. Its fast-rising competitive scene called esports solidifies its challenge and sophistication, further emphasising that it is more than just a leisure activity. Instead, it is a passionate profession for gamers and a profitable billion-dollar industry for software game developers and tournament franchisers.  While esports has a history of more than five decades — with the earliest recorded competition being in the early 1970s — it wasn’t until the early 2000s and 2010s that it achieved its hyper-competitive gaming environment. ThatRead More →