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Learn what you can on esports before you start playing with or against the whims of fate in esports betting. If you’re new to the esports industry then you have a lot of homework to do before you concern yourself with the latest news. For now, browse through the following pointers so you can easily understand news written for veterans in esports or esports betting:

Esports general updates

Every video game gets important updates periodically. It can vary from minor adjustments to the gameplay mechanics to major overhauls. Any tweaks can alter the ecosystem of esports which can make or break a team’s strategy. Here are different kinds of updates that are expected from all kinds of video games:

Patch notes
Patch notes are summaries of changes made on the game. Most of these are generally provided by the game developers so they hardly appear as esports news. However, there are times when a significant change in the game shifts the odds that were once determined by experts when the season began. If you are a player or a bettor, you must pay attention to important patch notes and factor them into your predictions.
New content
New content can come in many forms such as a new item, character, or setting. Despite the drastic changes that they can bring to the game, they are not always guaranteed to be impactful. One such example is with League of Legends whose esports scene would feature more tried and tested Champions than newly released ones.

This happens because the mastery of game mechanics determines the fine line between victory and defeat so tradition often beats change. However, there are cases when new content complements a player’s favourite strategy or counters the current meta so it is bound to appear in competitive scenes.

New games
Rather than changes to an already existing esports scene, new games usher in the arrival of new aspiring athletes. It often takes time before a game is recognized as a competitive title due to the issues with balancing or popularity. However, one shouldn’t assume that a new game can’t be immediately successful because marketing is often enough to start a tournament.

Sometimes, the game developers and publishers use competitive tournaments to market the game, not the other way around. This is the case with Valve’s Dota 2 (2011) and Riot Games’ Valorant (2020). These are major events that are covered by bookies so keep your eyes peeled on new titles aiming to take the world by storm.

New tournaments
Every new game starts a new tournament but not all tournaments are instigated by a title release. The existence of tournaments is usually dependent on the organizing institutions who wish to be included in a famous game’s active community. Therefore, you can always see major tournaments that are not handled purely by the developers or publishers.

One example is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s (CS:GO’s) major league. Despite the game being developed and published by Valve, the organizer for its biggest esports tournament is ESL, thus, it is named ESL Pro League.

Hardware-related updates
A good game shouldn’t give an advantage to those playing on stronger systems over players running on minimum specs but hardware can always affect gameplay. Competitive gamers have to invest in a powerful rig because the framerate can develop reflexes and it helps with readability.

Other times when the hardware is relevant is when manufacturers partner with esports organizers. They sponsor the event with pre-built desktops that every athlete will use on the event so everybody has the same system performance. This is also true for mobile devices such as when the iPhone 12 was used for League of Legends: Wild Rift launch tournament (2021).

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Esports tournaments

Topics for news on esports tournaments can be divided into leagues. Every esports game has a unique set of tournaments based on the organizers as mentioned above. The most common differentiation is the scope of the series. There are community and minor events but they aren’t as commonly featured in esports betting sites such as these two:

Regional league

Regional leagues are any tournaments that only welcome players that are based on the same server. Oftentimes, they are separated by countries such as China, the United States of America, and South Korea. However, there could also be different countries sharing the same server such as the whole continent of Europe for the European Union (EU) and Southeast Asian (SEA) countries for SEA. 

Regional leagues usually serve as prerequisite series to pick the representatives of each server for the international leagues. Other times, they are standalone tournaments organized by big companies based on each region. Whether or not they are covered in esports bookmakers depends if the event is affiliated with the publisher or it’s a local premier league with large media coverage. 

International league

The international league is primarily organized by the publisher of the esports game. It usually consists of the top players/teams from every server in the world. Participants are either chosen through the aforementioned regional leagues or they are given an invitation to participate. Sometimes, teams have to compete in every minor tournament to earn points if the series is a circuit with only the teams above the cutoff earning slots in the series.

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Esports teams

News regarding specific esports teams is vital for both fans and bettors alike. Every team can go through changes throughout the series and each one could be crucial to the team’s overall chances of winning. There are four types of team-related news offered by esports news platforms:

Roster updates
The roster is the lineup of members for each team. There is no room for a casual player in a competitive esports team. Everyone in the lineup is either handpicked by the manager or accepted through a tryout.

It is rare for an esports team to enter the major leagues without the help of a manager because they need sponsors to focus on training every day. That’s not to say that it is impossible because there have been cases of non-sponsored teams winning international titles.

Seeding news
A seed refers to a slot for the international tournament given to a country or a server. The number of seeds determines how many teams can represent the region for the current season. This number of seeds can increase depending on how well the region performed in the last season.

Seeding also refers to the position of the teams in the tournament. Who faces who and when? It also asks why a team is placed there in the first place. Every esports game has different systems with some using while others use elimination. The process is trickier for the latter because it is ideal for all of the best teams to arrive at the quarter-finals. For this reason, favourites are pitted against underdogs as early as possible.

Knowing the seeding arrangement factor into esports betting. Even if one doesn’t understand which ones are the best in the game, it at least helps narrow research down to matchup analysis.

Matchup analysis
Matchup analysis is usually delivered before the event as it details all of the necessary information of each team playing on the schedule in question. It is often delivered as quantitative data for easy comparison between opponents. This is further simplified into odds for betting markets which, in turn, serve as the payout condition for bettors.
Esports fan tokens
An esports fan token is a relatively new digital asset that usually uses blockchain technology and cryptography. It is a cryptocurrency that fans buy to support a specific esports team. In return, token holders can gain benefits according to what the team manager promises relative to the amount of tokens that they possess.

Investment in fan tokens directly supports the team that the asset is associated with. Just like Bitcoin, these digital assets are volatile. Their price increases with the team’s performances in every series and popularity. Holders can trade fan tokens for profit if they are not interested in the team’s rewards.


Predictions come from experts from the esports scene who are closely following the adventures of each champion hopeful in the tournament. Their work begins at the very beginning of the season before the contestants are even chosen! However, new teams could arise every season, thus their assumptions on the next champion are often put on hold.  

Many fans love sharing their predictions online. It could be in forums, videos, or online articles. These predictions are not 100% accurate so you can expect many different sets of opinions while you are browsing. There are also cases when the favourite is defeated by a participant called a ‘dark horse’. That means nobody knows much about the participants but they are performing well in the current tournament.

A bettor’s objective for reading predictions is to gain perspectives on the series. Always assume that someone out there knows something that you don’t, which leads them to a conclusion different from yours. All important factors will be enumerated here on Bitcasino Esports so keep an eye out on new articles every season. These predictions also change as time progresses so a daily visit is advised.

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Esports betting

If you are completely new to esports betting, then you need to be familiar with its four types. Most bettors try their luck on both so it helps that they are available on the same bookmaker.

In-play betting
In-play betting is also known as ‘live betting’ and it is about placing wagers on events that could happen during the game. Every sport and esports have a unique set of markets based on the rules of the game. There are times when special markets appear during a match because of certain special conditions involving a popular matchup between athletes or players.

In-play betting can be as simple as guessing how many points a team would score or which member will have the most score within a period. A bookmaker could also prepare a set of markets per team instead of per event depending on the nature of the game.

Next 24 hours betting
Bookmakers offer markets for games starting in exactly 24 hours before they begin. You manage your bets on all markets from then until the last minute. Once the game begins, markets are closed and hope for the best.
Future betting
Future betting opens markets for games from a week away until the next 24 hours betting begins. Odds are low and payouts are high. However, you have to be very particular about your research because anything can happen within a week.
Outright betting
Outright betting is guessing who will win the game by the end. This is the most straightforward type of betting but it is also the most challenging one. It’s not easy comparing the chances of all active participants. Each one can be the first one eliminated which ultimately means it’s safer to bet on the favourites. This is a popular decision across all games because it is common for the same team to win the championship title at least twice in a row.

Best games for esports

Every esports news is dedicated to a specific game and league. It’s important to separate them into different contents because it can be confusing for the readers if two titles are covered in the same story. Granted, there are exceptions such as a list of highlights as well as when the article is more focused on the publisher, game developer, or a full team. 

Another reason that they have to be separate is that many esports teams appear in multiple leagues. One famous example is Team OG with divisions in Valorant, Dota 2, and CS:GO. If you want to reach a clean conclusion before betting, then it is better to focus on one game at a time. Here are some of the best esports games to follow at Bitcasino Esports:

League of Legends

League of Legends is Riot Games’ first title and it served as their only product for a long time. The game was released in 2009 but it didn’t have professional tournaments until 2011 with the first season of the World Championship. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where two teams of five must destroy each other’s Nexus. 

To do this, they have to fight for control of the map’s three lanes and neutral objectives until one side eventually overpowers the other. Players must choose their character from a roster of characters called ‘champions’, each with their abilities and gameplay. Every member can pick someone that can complement their allies or counter their opponent’s strategy, 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is considered the original tactical team shooter game and CS:GO by Valve is its successor. It’s a game between two teams of five, one side plays as terrorists while the other is the counter-terrorist then they switch a few rounds later. Everyone in the game has access to the same set of weapons and gadgets. The only defining factors in each game are creativity, precision, and instinct.

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Valorant from Riot Games is the newest game on this list with its release in June 2020. However, it already debuted its esports series in September of the same year. Valorant is a tactical shooting game featuring iconic characters called ’agents’. All agents share the same movement speed, jump height, vulnerability, and precision so players’ skills can transition across all of them. However, each of them has a unique set of abilities that can help complete their roles on the team.

Dota 2

Dota 2 from Valve is also a successor of the game that popularized the MOBA genre, Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Its structure is similar to League of Legends with two teams of five fighting for control over the map until the enemy’s Ancient is destroyed. Players can choose their avatar from a pool of characters called ‘heroes’. Each one has unique gameplay and abilities that can either benefit the team or hinder the opponent. 


The Battlefield series from Electronic Arts and DICE is a tactical shooter with more varied mechanics. Unlike CS:GO and Valorant, player movements are more free-flowing. Instead of trying to eliminate the opposite team, the goal is to destroy the enemy’s base while protecting one’s own. Essentially, it’s a first-person shooter (FPS) but with rules similar to Dota 2 and League of Legends. 

Streaming services

One last pointer that one should look into when viewing news for esports is streaming services. The top three platforms to watch live professional matches are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. Streaming services aren’t important if one is only interested in betting on results rather than spectating but events that transpire in matches can shape one’s expectations. 

There will be news regarding streaming platforms from time to time. You can read announcements from the companies organizing the events and how they may be broadcasted. Some news may also include important information such as which tournaments can be viewed for free and which ones must be paid to view. 

Bottom line

These are all of the elements one could expect from esports news in Bitcasino Esports. Any other topics are mostly urgent special cases so keep an eye out for the latest news. Feel free to browse all articles for daily updates. Every bit of information helps in esports betting so never miss an article. 

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